At aerorayes, we have a diverse wealth of Air Traffic Control Engineering knowledge and experience that we want to share with you

Air traffic control engineering is a little know sector of aviation which carries a big role: A role that involves managing and supporting all the equipment used to operate air traffic systems. This includes communications, navigation, surveillance, and air traffic management data systems. There are those who have not encountered this sector before. Those who only think of Air Traffic Control as people sitting in airport control towers, looking at aircraft on radar screens and talking to pilots over the radio. Or those who think of aviation engineering as the electronics and technology built into aircraft that help pilots with navigation and flight control. However, those who are familiar with the air traffic control engineering sector, know just how vast and complex the subject is.

And this is why we are here: aerorayes is the hub for air traffic control engineering, and we have three main objectives

  1. To provide an understanding and appreciation of air traffic control engineering and to spotlight the importance of the role by raising awareness of what the job entails
  2. To explain the systems and technology within the air traffic control engineering and provide a comprehension of how it is all being used by everyone within the aviation sector, from all perspectives
  3. To provide different levels of information from a simple introduction to air traffic control engineering systems through to an in-depth technical walkthrough of the equipment functionality

aerorayes wants everybody to gain a full appreciation of this sector and we are here to provide:

  • Learning– aerorayes provides material for varying levels of air traffic control engineering knowledge and training requirements from a basic subject overview to technical tuition
  • Familiarisation– aerorayes adapts information to show how air traffic control engineering works on your level; from pilots, air traffic controllers or just somebody with an interest
  • Consultancy– aerorayes offers consultancy services providing technical expertise to answer specific questions related to the air traffic control engineering industry